Une équipe agile et pluridisciplinaire

Une équipe agile et pluridisciplinaire2019-09-23T16:21:42+00:00

With a diversity of skills, and capitalizing on over 50 years of experience, the team at Carmine Capital is designed for challenge.
Responsive, flexible and powerful, the team is well-versed in the majority of business sectors, backed by an extensive, solid network.
With its mix of energies, Carmine Capital offers a modern alternative to conventional investment banks.

Anne-Laure Beuriot
Anne-Laure BeuriotPartner
Co-founder of Carmine Capital, an M&A consultancy firm specializing in microenterprises and SMEs, she started her career with an eight-year spell at DDA & Company, known for its expertise in international transactions. Since 2005, she has supported around fifty deals across many sectors, for example: digital services, software publishing, supply chain and asset management.
Germain Simoneau
Germain SimoneauPartner
Germain is a serial entrepreneur who has accumulated experiences in a multitude of business sectors (service, finance, industry). Network man, this excellent negotiator is as comfortable in law as in finance. During his career, Germain has raised and structured more than € 800 million in funds and financing, and sold dozens of companies, on his behalf but also for those of his clients and partners.

Stéphane Carcenac
Stéphane CarcenacAdvisor Occitanie

For the past 18 years Stephane worked with major French banking groups (CM-CIC and Banque Courtois Crédit du Nord) and built a strong expertise in financing SMEs. Thanks to his sound expertise in finance and corporate development, Stéphane is now engaged in the development of Carmine Capital footprint in Occitanie (South West of France), advising entrepreneurs at key moments of the strategic development of their companies.

Clément Richard
Clément RichardChargée d'affaires senior

Clément holds a Masters degree in finance, with a major in strategy. Before he joined Carmine Capital in 2015, he worked in wealth management at HSC Finance and credit analysis at BPCE Group.

Cécile feytit
Cécile feytitChargée d'affaires

Cécile is graduated with a double master of finance and international commerce from Audencia Business School and Boston University. After a professional experiences as management accountant and consultant, she joined Carmine Capital in 2017.

Cédric Glauda
Cédric GlaudaChargé d'affaires

Cedric holds a Master degree in company valuation from the French University Lyon II. He joined Carmine Capital in 2019 as M&A Associate. Before Carmine Capital, he was fundraising analyst at Cadénac.