Conviction, energy, passion

Conviction, energy, passion2018-11-01T12:43:34+00:00

We, the Partners at Carmine Capital, are driven by the entrepreneurial spirit, convinced that this is the way forward to future growth.

We are passionate and tenacious! The issues facing our clients are our daily challenges. These are, indeed, the very reason we exist.

Every day, we are involved at the side of CEOs whom we advise in their disposal, acquisition or fundraising operations. We help them create value or get the best value from the work of a life time.

Carmine Capital is, in a single package, the creative energy of highly qualified young business people and the quiet strength provided by the experience of an inveterate entrepreneur.

Our performance and professional value are based on this age diversity and blend of professions. This ensures a perceptive vision of current potential, while our wealth of experience in the field acts as a guarantee when any new business ideas are implemented.

As a committed M&A boutique, Carmine Capital is also involved in safeguarding and developing some centuries-old companies. Whether as co-investors, advisors or operational managers, the Partners at Carmine are mobilized to ensure that these jewels of our economic heritage regain a leading role in the French and international luxury markets.

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