Carmine Patrimoine: what we can do for long-established companies

Carmine Patrimoine: what we can do for long-established companies2018-07-24T17:12:35+00:00

As we believe that the negative effects of globalization are not inevitable, and as we wish to help to re-launch local businesses, Carmine Patrimoine is engaged with the takeover, turnaround and development of long-established, traditional companies.

These centuries-old businesses, with their highly-prized skills, have been struck head-on by products from low-wage economies and many are shutting up shop on an almost weekly basis.

Since we are convinced that these companies still have a huge potential for creating value and profitability, Carmine Patrimoine mobilizes to ensure their recovery by supporting buyers or providing interim management during the turnaround period.

Carmine Patrimoine is currently using its own capital to partially fund these operations. However, in the medium term, the plan is to offer its investors an asset class based on long-established companies operating in the luxury sector.

The companies in which we are involved